Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oh No! A DUmmie's friend's wife becomes a fundie!

Anyone who has been following DU since the beginning of Israel's war with Hezbollah knows that they are perhaps more obsessed with the Rapture than the folks at the Rapture Ready bulletin boards. In this DUmmie thread, The Tolerant Amongst UsTM discuss the ramifications and possible cures of fundiness:

The Sushi Bandit (1000+ posts)
Fri Jul-21-06 01:21 PMOriginal message
HELP: My friend's Wife is becoming a Fundie
Calvary Chapel is her church and he is worried that she will get to the point that she will try to convert him and other stuff. He needs thoughtful advice on the right way to deal with this very important issue in his life. He loves her dearly but it a little scared about it all.I'll share your thoughtful comments with him later today.Peace

Taverner (1000+ posts)
Fri Jul-21-06 01:25 PMOriginal message
Fuck I don't know what to say
Fundies are much like drug addicts. You can't reason with them, they are willing to sacrifice everything including the ones they love, friends and family for their "drug", and they don't quit until they hit rock bottom.All I can say is support your friend during this time - he'll need it.

ayeshahaqqiqa (1000+ posts)
Fri Jul-21-06 01:26 PMResponse to Original message
4. If she's not too far gone,
he might wish to take her to a Dances of Universal Peace. Basically, they are a form of moving meditation or "body prayer" that honors ALL the world's spiritual traditions. They employ simple dance steps and I've even danced with people totally blind and people in wheelchairs. If you are in Hawaii, which I assume from the flag, there are Dances done there. They can change one's outlook. Best of luck.http://www.dancesofuniversalpeace.org/ has more information, but the site isn't always up to date as to who is leading dances where.