Monday, May 14, 2007

DUmmie perplexed by strange bumper sticker

DUmp post:

devilgrrl (1000+ posts) Sun May-13-07 11:36 PM
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Bumpersticker I saw: "If you can read this, thank a teacher - If it's in English, thank a soldier"
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Uhhhh, wtf does that mean?

It was on the back of a Range Rover.... no surprises there.

Obviously, this DUmmie doesn't have much to thank a teacher for...

JeffR (1000+ posts) Sun May-13-07 11:38 PM
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1. It means the owner of the car is an idiot n/t

Because he probably doesn't even know that Shrub MIHOPed 9/11.

ck4829 (1000+ posts) Sun May-13-07 11:38 PM
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2. It's RW-Speak, if it makes sense then the devil made it! Yeehaw! 9/11! Fight 'em over there...
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It's common sense, which means that it must be ridiculed by our pet mental midgets.

Kadie (1000+ posts) Sun May-13-07 11:38 PM
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3. If it's in English?
They don't know if their bumber sticker is written in english or not?

Wow, such a brilliant comment. Not.

DireStrike (1000+ posts) Sun May-13-07 11:43 PM
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6. Can I thank an iranian soldier?
How about a north korean? Insurgency? NATO?

I'm sure you want to.

proud2Blib (1000+ posts) Sun May-13-07 11:52 PM
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11. That's been around a long time
and it means the person who owns the car is an ignorant fool.

Of course! How could we not realize that being thankful for our wonderful troops is proof of ignorance?

MiltonF (115 posts) Sun May-13-07 11:53 PM
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12. It goes back to the...
"If it were not for the American Soldiers in WWII we and all of Europe would be speaking German right now" mentality.

Uh oh. This DUmmie has a little knowledge. He may be dangerous.

d_b (1000+ posts) Mon May-14-07 12:02 AM
Response to Reply #12
15. Which is funny,
Cuz they're mostly Nazi f*cks anyway.

Which is why you're posting stupid messages on the internet, and the worst thing that will hapopen to you is that the sane people will laugh at you.

BrotherBuzz (1000+ posts) Mon May-14-07 12:03 AM
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16. And if you take it to the logical conclusion, why aren't Germans speaking...

Because, contrary to the rhetoric of the moonbat left, the US is not an imperialist power, unlike Nazi Germany.

Okay, I'm done copying and pasting, but a member of ConservativeUnderground captured another shining example of DUmmie patriotism before it was pulled from this thread...

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