Monday, November 05, 2007

NBC uses football game to promote stupid Green Garbage

Last night I was sitting back ready to watch my Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Evils (the 'Boys gave the Evils a well-deserved butt kicking). All of a sudden Costas and the gang announce that they're "going green" and shutting off the lights, and the crew used flashlights to see what they were doing, all this while Chris Collinsworth is giggling like a schoolgirl.

They kept the lights off during the halftime report and the post game show. During halftime, they had Matt Lauer reporting live from the Arctic Circle (the same "if we don't kowtow to socialist environmentalism, the cute little polar bears will die" schtick). Of course, he didn't ride a bike up there. Nope, NBC purchased "carbon credits", the silly little indulgences which have been thoroughly debunked in the blogosphere.

Now it looks like all the programming this week will be about the idea that we're destroying the Earth. They'll even have Algore on 30 Rock, or one of their other unwatchable shows. Maybe he'll explain why he can have a House that uses who knows how many times the energy output of a normal home and fly all over the world. If it's about saving the planet, the least he can do is walk.

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