Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Perhaps the single Dumbest post in the history of the Internet

From you-know-where:

BB1 (117 posts) Wed Nov-14-07 02:59 PM
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Should the European Union get a vote?
Next year's elections - should the European Union, economically and politically tightly bound to the US, have a three percent vote on the outcome? Or be treated as a 51st state?

500 million people in Europe are affected each and every day by the voting-scam called Presidential Elections. Had we had a 3% vote, Kerry, and Gore too, would have won. So is it time, or do you think voting for an American President should be the sole right of Americans?

(and you can have a vote for the European Parliament as well!!!)

So it isn't enough that we give them who knows how much money and have defended them from enemies past and present, now we have to surrender our sovereinty because the DUmmies know that their stupid policies don't fly with most Americans?


Anonymous said...

you are incredibly stupid.

You should read some history books, even better, you should learn to read.

Lone Star Conservative said...

Well, you're a potty-head! Ridiculous...