Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hanging Gardens destroyed? Blame Bush!

Many of us on the right have joked about how the Far Left blames Pres. Bush for just about everything. From crime to hurricanes, the Chimperor always has his paws all over it. Now it's just getting extreme (as if it weren't already), as you can see from the very first response in this Democratic Underground thread:

Horse with no Name (1000+ posts) Tue Dec-18-07 06:01 AM
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1. Well I do know that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon--one of the 7th wonders of the world--
was there before we got there....now IT is gone.

Here is an album I found with pre-war Baghdad. It was quite beautiful.
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When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke. After all, no one could possibly be this stupid, that they'd belive that a landmark that's been gone for almost 2 millinia was destroyed by the Iraq War? Unfortunately, the poster's fellow DUmmies corrected her, and she didn't say that.

Morrisons Ghost (94 posts) Tue Dec-18-07 08:35 AM
Response to Reply #1
3. Actually
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were destroyed by an earthquake in the first century. I don't believe we had anything to do with it.

Of course "we" didn't, but what's Bush's alibi?

Horse with no Name (1000+ posts) Tue Dec-18-07 02:56 PM
Response to Reply #3
18. Actually I had read a news report that said that a couple of years ago
But I misinterpreted it--it was the SITE that was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was destroyed.
Of course, there are ALWAYS those that enjoy making fun of others rather than educating. Congratulations.
I'm sure it makes you feel better.

Ah, yes. "I 'misread' the report"! Nice try, but next time you want to lie to cover your stupidity, please just claim you were joking. After all, that's all liberalism is- a joke.

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I think you spelled millenia wrong buddy