Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Chafee on the Daily Show

From Hot Air.

About 28 seconds in Stewart asks Chafee the following question:

"What is wrong with the way the political parties function, that if you are not in lockstep with whatever this sort of price-fixed menu that they have decided represents- Republicans and Democrats- that you are ostracized and shunned? What's going wrong?"

Sir, if I may have this question. The problem isn't that he was ostracized. If anything, the Republican Party forced him on us, even when we repeatedly told them we didn't want him. Effort was spent on his campaign that could have been focused on Maryland, Missouri, Montana, or Virginia. A win in any of those states would have kept the Senate in Republican control.

The problem with Chafee was that he was a Democrat running against a Democrat. Unfortunately, the Republican Party thought that was a winning matchup.

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