Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bush motion fails at Lagunitas School Board


President Bush survived an impeachment hearing this week at a meeting of the Lagunitas School Board.
The board voted 2-1 in favor of impeaching Bush, but Trustee Suzi Giacomini abstained and, according to the rules of order, that equated to a "no" vote, deadlocking the panel.

Trustee Richard Sloan said he would likely bring it back for another vote after a new trustee is appointed to fill an open seat vacated by Kelly O'Conner.

Sloan said the school district needed to take on the issue because board members swear to uphold and protect the Constitution.

"I consider George Bush to be the single worst enemy against our Constitution that we've had in our whole history," he said.

Denise Santa Cruz-Bowman, who voted against the resolution, said the people she represents weren't in favor and many called to remind her the district needs to focus on school issues. She noted nobody showed up to encourage impeachment.

Whatever your opinion of Bush, can we agree that these little morons should focus on their own jobs?

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