Monday, December 04, 2006

Don't count George Allen out

From The Roanoke Times:

In the wake of the Senate election results in Virginia, George Allen's political obituary is being written ... again. By my count, this is the fifth time political experts have tried to shovel dirt on his grave, prematurely.

In the 2008 presidential polls, which started coming out within hours of the 2006 elections, Allen's name is not even included, although Democratic polls still include Al Gore, John Kerry and Howard Dean. Losing a single election does not necessarily mean permanent exile from presidential consideration.

There is no reason to assume Allen is definitively out of the 2008 race, although his task is formidable. The pundits who are writing him off ignore some pertinent facts.

Much as I'd like to believe it, I just don't see it. He's damaged goods now. If he can get win another elective office, he may be in the perfect spot in 2012 or 2016, not now. It's just too soon.

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