Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Scrooge's other DU screen name...

Our favorite holiday grouch has multiple accounts at the DUmp, it would appear:

cynatnite (1000+ posts) Tue Dec-05-06 06:47 PM
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Christmas is a crock...
Call me a scrooge, but I think this holiday is pure bullshit. Walking around, there is decorations galore, people are filling those lists with nothing more meaningful than crap that'll either wind up in a landfill by next year or it'll get shoved in a closet somewhere. It's the notion that you really can't celebrate some guy's birthday unless you put up trees with lights on 'em and stuff garbage under it.

During this time of the year so many people are loading up on booze, food, parties and spreading the idea that it's peace on earth, good will to men and all that. The last part isn't garbage, but the only day of the year that it means a thing is on the 25th of December. The other 364 days a year are just days that people grind through with little thought of anyone else except themselves.

Yeah, I'm jaded and even with the good reasons I've got to be that way, I decided we're not going to fall for the scheme that society deems is acceptable. No decorations and no tree. If the extra money should come up, which I doubt, it'll go to charities that need it. Putting food on the table, clothes on people's backs and helping provide shelter are things that mean something.

It's not some stupid toy that a kid will play with for a week before moving on to the next gift that's just as stupid.

What we give should have tangible value that goes to the care of those who need it and to help insure they have a future that doesn't require charity.

Disclaimer: This is not to say everyone is like this...just most of society.

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