Friday, December 08, 2006

Hi, DUmmies!


I've e-mailed the DU admin to ask them to pull the thread.

Update 2:

The thread has been pulled. I want to thank Skinner and the Admins for responding to my requests.

I see that you have found my blog and you cowards dug around on Technorati and found my real name. I've taken my name off of that profile, but the damage has already been done. Why you thought that my name was relevant to our disagreement is a mystery hidden deep in your drug-addled minds.


Jason said...

They're impotent pussies with no measurable effect on the world beyond their basement doors. Don't let them get to you.

Anonymous said...

Why did your fuck ass post it any fucking way. Go swallow some goat jizz you cocksucking motherfucker.

Lone Star Conservative said...

I considered pulling the above profanity laced comment. Instead, I'm going to respond to it.

Anonymous wants to know why I posted this, and he shall know. I posted it because it reveals the DUmp to be full of little hypocrites. The extreme Left criticized Michelle Malkin for digging up "personal" information which wasn't personal and was posted online.

Granted, I signed up for that Technorati account with my real name, but I thought it was required information and didn't think there was a way to edit my name off of the profile. However, if I wanted my name splashed all over a site full of moonbats, I could have just as easily posted it here. Gato Moteado went out of his way to find my name when it wasn't relevant to the discussion. It was a disgusting tactic, and I want to again thank the DU admin for realizing that and pulling the thread.

The extreme left did worse to Malkin here:

Here's my source for the Malkin incident I refered to:

And here's the offending DUmp post with my name removed, in case you want background: