Friday, December 01, 2006

Can there be any doubt anymore?

The DUmmies are the single dumbest, most insane group of people to ever steal oxygen from the rest of us. Just look at this thread:

symbolman (1000+ posts) Fri Dec-01-06 03:00 AM
Original message
Put that SOB in JAIL NOW! Defund AF One! Lockdown the White House! Stop HIM!
I'm SO SICK of all this pussyfooting about this Lying Thieving CROOK in the White House playing FOOTSIES with all the CORPORATIONS while our Sons and Daughters DIE and DIE and DIE!

WE KNOW what he's doing, there's MORE than enough PROOF, yet this whole Bullshit Pretention keeps going on, this VAST DENIAL, this PLAYING BY THE RULES GAME while THEY change the RULES to fit their Looting of the Treasury!

The media writes these namby pamby articles about how Bush is "uncurious" and now he SEEMS "hard headed", his "gut instincts" SEEM to have led US down some kind of WRONG PATH! He's either CRAZY (and the Constitution says we can STOP a crazy pResident), or he's just plain EVIL...

HE's a CRIMINAL, he's NOT A KING, and he's SWORN to UPHOLD the Constitution and has done NONE OF IT, None at ALL.

He's LIED and been caught at it, CONSTANTLY. LIED TO CONGRESS, which is ILLEGAL.

He keeps PUTTING OFF doing anything until the last drop of Blood will be spilled, the last gasp of air is loosed from the LAST American Troop, or the last Iraqi CHILD, blown to bits in this GAME they are Playing, the Last drop of oil is safely in an Oil Baron's CUP.

SOMEONE CUT THE CRAP, and get this guy OFF the streets!! You don't let a wild animal run around with an automatic weapon, saying, "Oh well, he's just crazy or something, and eventually he'll run out of bullets I guess.."

DEFUND the Air Force One. Put an ARMED GUARD at the Door of the White House. CUT OFF HIS PHONE. TELL THE TRUTH about what he's doing.

STOP HIM, he's killing and starving hundreds of thousands, and STEALING from ALL OF US. IT IS OBVIOUS. IT IS A FACT.

There HAS to be some LEGAL and NONVIOLENT WAY, some Emergency Measure that can be INVOKED NOW.

THIS is INSANITY and it's being ALLOWED and WE KNOW BETTER, the WOrld Knows Better, the Troops Know better.

It's MONSTEROUS and must end NOW!

Cut off HIS FUNDING, DO SOMETHING, the insanity must END.

I'm sick of the "civilized" GAMES being played out, like ALL IS WELL. ALL IS NOT WELL.

End of Rant. Hopefully not the End of the World before these CREATURES Kill and starve us ALL.

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