Thursday, November 30, 2006

DUmmies hear of our little secret from Stossel, all hell breaks loose

Well, our little secret has hit the big time. John Stossel let it out last night on 20/20. No word yet on if he'll donate to the cause of repairing the resulting exploding DUmmie heads:


If anyone has a YouTube (or similar site) video of the interview mentioned in 9119495's post, I'd like to see it. Thanks.

namvet73 (200 posts) Thu Nov-30-06 08:32 AM
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Stossel claims Conservatives more Generous than Liberals
Stossel got my ire up when, on a 20/20 Special "Greed in America" that aired 11/29/06, John Stossel started the show by pointing out that Conservatives give more to charities than Liberals because liberals expect the government to do it.

I don't believe it, but I haven't found anything to debunk it with facts. I found nothing on yet.

I know my mother watched that show and would like to have some answers for her after she starts up on liberals.

Stossel Page: /

Sorry if this was already posted, but I could not find it.

originalpckelly (1000+ posts) Thu Nov-30-06 08:33 AM
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1. Gee that's odd...
Edited on Thu Nov-30-06 08:33 AM by originalpckelly
considering how the conservative rich people in our country have screwed the poor so bad the poor pay more a percentage of their income in taxes than do the rich.

MannyGoldstein (1000+ posts) Thu Nov-30-06 08:40 AM
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2. The Evidence Says Otherwise

goddess40 (1000+ posts) Thu Nov-30-06 08:43 AM
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3. Don't you want to know what kind of drugs he's taken
These right wing reporters are absolutely disgusting - spewing "fact" to support the continued pillaging of America.

indepat (1000+ posts) Thu Nov-30-06 10:19 AM
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24. Herr Stossel is right, far right: conservatives have sprinkled far more treasure on the wealthiest
and large corporations than liberals have ever sprinkled on the :little people."

a kennedy (693 posts) Thu Nov-30-06 08:45 AM
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6. Yeah, he was on The View yesterday should have seen
Elizabeth's eyes open when he said that......just what the little conservative wanted to hear. Oh and she got invited to the White House for some shindig, said her husband couldn't attend so she's taking Rosie O'Donnell instead!!

9119495 (1000+ posts) Thu Nov-30-06 08:46 AM
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7. Don't waste your time on Stossel. A funny story...
Stossel offers up his right-wing propaganda videos for free to any classroom that requests them. The plan is probably to get teachers to jump at the chance to show a video instead of teach (which I'm sad to say a few in my profession actually do). I requested one of the videos immediately...and promptly destroyed it with a hammer. One less Stossel video to go around.

He also claimed the robber barons were good guys in one of his piece of shit books. He went on the Daily Show to promote it and more than any other time I've seen, Stossel got his ass handed to him. Stewart generally seems to think if a guest is willing to come on the show, they are worthy of respectful treatment. I guess that night he thought Stossel's bullshit was just to far from reality not to be dealt with.

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