Thursday, November 30, 2006

December 10, 2006: Human Rights and Chimpeachment Day

From the moonbats at After Downing Street:

December 10 is Human Rights Day, and this year we're making it Human Rights and Impeachment Day. Slogan: "Putting Impeachment on the Table."

We encourage you to organize a town hall forum or rally on this day for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

Of course. Chimpeachment means nothing without Gimpeachment. And look who the speakers are...

David Swanson: Speaking at the event in Santa Barbara

Elizabeth de la Vega: Northern California:

Harvey Wasserman: Central Ohio:

Ann Wright: Speaking at the event in Santa Barbara

Cindy Sheehan: Speaking at one of the events in New York City

Dave Lindorff: Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, or Delaware:

Bob Fertik: Speaking at one of the events in New York City

Tim Carpenter: DC Area:

John Nichols: Preferably Wisconsin:

Steve Cobble: Preferably Washington DC:

Dennis Loo: California: evening only:

Debra Sweet: Where needed:

Bill Durston: California

Peter Phillips: California:

Samm Simpson: Florida:

Larry Everest: San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles, Seattle, or Portland (OR):

Parker East:

Speakers from the Detroit and Michigan National Lawyers Guild:

Jennifer Van Bergen: North Florida:

Larry Johnson: DC Area probably best:

Matthew Rothschild: Wisconsin:

Jeeni Criscenzo: San Diego or Riverside County, CA:

Bill Moyer (who is not Bill Moyers): DC Area:

Stuart Hutchison - North Jersey Impeach Group - New Jersey, NYC, southern New York :

Norman Solomon: San Francisco Bay Area:

Sue Niederer: Philadelphia, Penn., area:

Maybe one of them can come up with an actual crime to base chimpeachment on?

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