Monday, November 13, 2006

When your policies fail miserably, who are you going to blame? Diebold!!!

Yes, that evil company that stole the 2000 (forget that most of the country was still using paper ballots, a fact that only changed when Democrats whined that their voters were too stupid to use them), 2002, and 2004 elections for the BFEE is at it again. Why didn't Diebold just switch a few votes here and there in Montana and Virginia? To let the Dems take the fall for a lot of bad stuff that's going to happen...

Katzenjammer (260 posts) Mon Nov-13-06 10:28 AM
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Maybe this election was another Diebold job after all?
Consider: the GOP is officially off the hook, yet they have complete control via Lieberlouse. The Dems are "in power", but can't do anything that would require overriding a veto, and can lose the Senate any time Lieberlouse chooses.

Sounds like a remarkably good deal for the GOP, doesn't it?

Or at least for the people who pull the strings behind both Business Party fronts.


Remember, for the moonbats, it's so much easier to make up a conspiracy theory than to admit that the policies they advocate are already proven failures.

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