Friday, November 17, 2006

Immature little freaks still can't stop picking on children.

On the night of the election, the DUmmies were having a field day. No, not with the results, but with the children of defeated Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, as you can see from this link to a Conservative Underground thread, which contains copied posts from a now deleted Democratic Underground thread. They haven't stopped picking on the Santorum kids yet, as you can see from this thread from Wednesday.

SoCalDem (1000+ posts) Wed Nov-15-06 07:05 PM
Original message
I have seen the error of my ways.. I feel awful about the Santorum girl
Edited on Wed Nov-15-06 07:05 PM by SoCalDem
I will never again laugh at the original ppicture of her...

I will only post and repost the following picture of the happy family...

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Note: I copied and saved the image to my photobucket account so the DUmmie couldn't change or pull it.

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