Tuesday, November 28, 2006

May we question their patriotism now?

You have to see see the latest DUmmie FUnnies. Our little KOmmies can't find a good thing about America (in Bolshevik Red in honor of PJ-Comix):

Calling Bullshit on America
by One Pissed Off Liberal
Mon Nov 27, 2006 at 03:22:14 PM PST
(crossposted from the frontpage of MyLeftWing)

Our nation, culture, and political system are all steeped in lies, contradictions, distortions, and propaganda – in other words, bullshit! It has taken me much of my life to shed the misconceptions and outright lies that have been drilled into me from birth, to develop and fine-tune my bullshit detectors, to learn to see anything with any clarity at all.

The government has powerful tools with which to manipulate our views, circumscribe our information, and mold our opinions (including the MSM and all the propaganda arms of the government itself) – and they use them with great zeal. The full extent to which the ruling class wants to hoodwink the rest of us cannot be overestimated. Their worst fear is that we will learn the truth.

My personal view is that only the truth finally matters, and that only the truth can set us free.

I’ll just touch on some highlights to make my point. Please feel free to add any bullshit I overlook to the pile.

Slavery was bullshit.

Manifest Destiny was bullshit.

Union busting was (and remains) bullshit.

Segregation and racism was (and remains) bullshit.

Duck and Cover was bullshit.

MKULTRA was bullshit.

The murders of JFK, RFK, and MLK were bullshit.

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was bullshit.

The entire Vietnam War was bullshit.

The Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968 was bullshit.

The massacre at Kent State was bullshit.

Watergate was bullshit.

The Reagan Presidency was bullshit.

Iran/Contra was bullshit.

The reign of Bush I was bullshit.

The stolen election of 2000 was bullshit.

9/11 was bullshit.

Invading Iraq was bullshit.

Tax cuts for billionaires was bullshit.

The joining of church and state was bullshit.

The trashing of our environment is bullshit.

Healthcare in America is bullshit.

Corporate ownership of our politics is bullshit.

The stolen election of 2004 was bullshit.

The Drug War is bullshit.

Screaming ‘Support our troops’ while cutting funds to veterans’ programs and sending them into harm’s way for bogus reasons is bullshit.

The fascist takeover of America is bullshit.

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