Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm about to make a new poll.

Nancy Pelosi is not yet Speaker. The new Congress has to convene, and the House of Representatives has to vote on it. Theoretically, the Republicans could get together with some moderate to conservative Dems and make a deal to share power and put whoever they want in the Speaker's chair (unlikely, yes, but a possibility nonetheless). Given Queen Nancy's recent blunders (supporting Murtha and Hastings, along with the talking points blunder), who should be Speaker?

The choices are:
Nancy Pelosi
John Boehner
A conservative Dem
Some other Liberal Dem
Another Republican
Don't know


Lone Star Conservative said...

Voting is closed. The final results are:

Nancy Pelosi 38% 3
John Boehner 0% 0
A Conservative Democrat 25% 2
Some Other Liberal Democrat 0% 0
Another Republican 38% 3
Don't know 0% 0

8 votes total

Dusty Bogard said...

Ummmm... Tom Delay?

Lone Star Conservative said...

Hey, this isn't a democracy. You don't get a vote.:) LOL.